David J. Sherry Productions 

       A refreshingly new approach to live entertainment that combines a contemporary tribute format and a charismatic frontman with the swagger, confidence and audience connection characteristic of classic entertainment 

David J. Sherry Sings the Neil Diamond Songbook​

Diamond hits from high energy rock to dramatic ballads. Playing before audiences of all demographics, Diamond Is Forever! makes the audience "Feel The Neil." As one critic wrote,  "Next time you hear about David J. Sherry’s Diamond Is Forever! appearing . . .Go! Run, do not walk, to buy tickets. You’ll enjoy yourself as we did." (Lyle Davis, The Paper, October 8, 2009)

       Diamond Is Forever!, an 8-piece band led by charismatic showman David J. Sherry, was founded in California, USA in 2005 and quickly became recognized not only as one of the leaders in the interpretation and performance of Neil Diamond’s music, but also for David Sherry’s overall magical performance. As described by Randy Sterling, Diamond’s bass player from 1969 to 1971, "Damn, this is exactly what I remember when I was standing 4 feet from Neil (on tour)... what sets Sherry apart from others is that he gives a heart felt tribute rather than a mechanically cloned performance." (Randy Sterling, Union Tribune, September 20, 2007.)

      "One of Neil Diamond's vintage cuts, Glory Road,  is both the title track and the lead single off David Sherry's latest album.    A closer look at the track listing will reveal the rest of the album is made up entirely of songs culled from Diamond's extensive catalogue, and there is good reason for that too.​"     Review by Michael Bugeja, Times of Malta.

David J. Sherry: Glory Road





Booking Information:

Carolyn Taylor, Coordinator



personalities. Preserving the integrity of Neil Diamond's lyrics and music, David Sherry infuses his own personality into the show that brings audiences to both laughter and tears.  It is a winning format that appeals to an audience demographic of all ages, including both those who want to dance and those that just want to sit and enjoy a concert.  Neil Diamond fans love the dedication to Neil Diamond's music and lyrics and David Sherry's passionate delivery.   But you don’t have to be a Neil Diamond fan

to love this show.

       Comprised of some of the best musicians in Southern California, the Diamond Is Forever! Band breathes life into the decade upon decade of Neil