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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​''Damn this is exactly what I remember when I was standing 4 feet from Neil (on tour) . . . what sets Sherry apart from others is that he gives a heart-felt tribute rather than a mechanically cloned performance.'' (Randy Sterling, Union Tribune, September 20, 2007)

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Cheryl Baker, Coordinator

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​​      ''One of Neil Diamond's vintage cuts, Glory Road,  is both the title track and the lead single off David Sherry's latest album. A closer look at the track listing will reveal the rest of the album is made up entirely of songs culled from Diamond's extensive catalogue, and there is good reason for that too.'' Review by Michael Bugeja, Times of Malta.     |Read More|

♦  A Heart-Felt Tribute to the Music and Lyrics of  Neil Diamond. 

♦  Charismatic Showman David J. Sherry Makes You 'Feel the Neil"

♦  Dedication to the True Sound & Feel of a Live Neil Diamond Concert

♦  High-Energy Rock, Rock Ballads, Pop to Love Songs--All

    Delivered with Passion & Verve

♦  5 Decades of the Best of Neil Diamond

♦  The Next Best Thing to Neil Diamond in Concert

♦  Large or Small, Public or Private, Make Your Next Event

    A Neil  Diamond  Experience

     International Recording and Tribute Artist David J. Sherry and his Diamond Is Forever! Band pay great homage to the music and lyrics of the legendary Neil Diamond in a stirring concert show that offers the passion and excitement of a real Neil Diamond Experience and the personable showmanship of a gifted tribute artist. While preserving the integrity of Neil Diamond's lyrics and music, showman David J. Sherry captures the audience with his emotionally charged vocals, humor and a rare engaging charm and charisma that brings audiences to moments of laughter and tears. Music fans love his dedication to Diamond's music and lyrics and David Sherry's passionate delivery. As one fan observed, “He sings them like he's lived them.”
     Comprised of some of the best musicians world-wide, the 7-piece Diamond Is Forever! Band breathes fresh life into 5 decades of Neil 

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Diamond Is Forever!


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"The man can sing!"  King Errisson (percussionist for Neil Diamond) May, 2014.

The Neil Diamond Experience

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​​​​​​​​​​'''Next time you hear about David J. Sherry’s Diamond Is Forever! appearing . . .Go! Run, do not walk, to buy tickets. You’ll enjoy yourself as we did.''' (Lyle Davis, The Paper, October 8, 2009)  

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"Following Neil on Glory Road"



#1 on European Charts in Malta September, 2014

Listen to clips of all 16 songs from "Glory Road" played during slideshow.

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Diamond hits from high energy rock, pop and dramatic ballads to haunting

love songs.  Together David J. Sherry and his Diamond Is Forever! Band bring

to their audiences an experience that is both nostalgic and contemporary.  It

is a winning combination that appeals to an audience demographic of all ages

including both those who want to dance and those who just want to sit and

enjoy a concert.  This show is more than a sequined shirt and a signature

pose---it's a virtual Neil Diamond Experience.   

​​​''Sherry does NOT impersonate Neil Diamond.  He simply pays great tribute to a great entertainer.  Most tribute bands or clone acts fall far short in their attempts to imitate the original artist and I have never seen anyone who could.  David Sherry  kicks  the door down in this regard because he is more than a mere entertainer.  He is absolutely immersed in his presentation of Diamond’s work, and to most of the audience, it WAS Neil Diamond on stage, not David Sherry.  The real David Sherry has literally bottled the essence of the music and the spirit.  Then he dispenses it to his audience as surely as healing medicine.''' (Coronado Clarion, September 15, 2010, Alan Graham, author of ''I Remember Jim Morrison'')   | Read More |